“There was a HOLE here. It’s gone now.”

From: Silent Hill 2

Genre: Video games

Who said it?: Unknown

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from, Silent Hill 2, a Konami game that was released before the company was still heralded as one of the best in the industry and before the entire #fuckonami movement. The game revolves around James Sunderland, a recent widower, who receives a letter from his deceased wife, Mary, to return to the town of Silent Hill. Of course, the instant James enters the town, things go frighteningly wrong.

The quote comes early in the game. James explores Silent Hill and comes across Neely’s Bar. In the bar, he gets a vital item that helps him push through in the game. But also, scrawled on the newspaper covered windows, is the quote.


Side Note: When I played Silent Hill 2, I can vividly remember going to Neely’s Bar in the “Otherworld” first. I do recall seeing a hole on that very spot but James didn’t want to go through it. This is why I returned to the bar after returning to the “normal” world. This was when I saw the quote… and it really creeped me out because it was like the game knew what I wanted to do!


Geek wisdom: Things change. Landmarks and old hangouts you used to love going when you were a younger may not be there anymore when you get old. You can drift away from family and friends you were close with before. We never thing about the possibility they may be gone in an instant.

Cherish the time you have with the people and places you love. Enjoy spending time with them while they are still on this earth… and not the Otherworld.


“Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.”

From: Mass Effect 3

Genre: Video Games

Who said it?: Mordin Solus

The story behind the quote: This is my second quote from the Mass Effect series by Bioware. And, much like my other quote from the series, not many people quote it even though it’s poignant and memorable. In all fairness, however, it’s possible that, due to the branching story paths you can take throughout the Mass Effect series, it’s possible some gamers may not even encounter the quote.

The quote comes from the third game of the series. Mordin Solus, one of Commander Shepard’s squad members, has developed a cure for the krogan genophage, a disease that prevents the krogan race from bearing offspring. However, in order to disperse the genophage cure, Mordin would have to go to the top of a tower, which is on the verge of collapse. It does mean sure death for the salarian but he’s okay with it as he was one of the people involved in the creation of the genophage in the first place.

While Shepard is sorry to see his comrade leave, Mordin says that he isn’t…

Geek wisdom: We like to pretend that we aren’t involved in the world. We like to say we have no voice in important matters. Yet, we love to complain when other people mess things up. If we really want to set the future in the right path, we have to make sure that things get done properly. After all, there’s a chance others will get it wrong.

“You have died of dysentery.”

From: The Oregon Trail

Genre: Video games

Who said it?: Narrator of the game

The story behind the quote: This popular quote comes from the classic video game The Oregon Trail. The game was originally released in 1974 but has been remade several times with updated graphics and the like. It was probably one of the first educational video games and taught kids about 19th century pioneer life. The goal of the game is to successfully make the trek from Missouri to Oregon by going along the fabled Oregon Trail.

The game is fret with perils and numerous ways to die. One of the most common ways for your party of settlers to meet their end is by dysentery. This can come from out of nowhere and there isn’t any real way to prevent this. Since kids have probably never encountered the word before, the phrase has become etched in their minds as well as popular culture.

You have died of dysentery

Geek wisdom: Death is something that can come for us at any time. It can come in the most unexpected of times as well. We can try to prepare for it as much as we want but, ultimately, when it is your time, it is your time. As we have no idea when our bell will be rung, it’s best to make the most of our time while we are still on the planet.

“You must construct additional pylons.”

From: Starcraft

Genre: Video Games

Who said it?: Protoss VO

The story behind the quote: The quote comes Blizzard’s incredibly successful Starcraft. The game is about a war between the colonizing Terrans, the xenomorphic Zergs and the highly evolved Protoss races. The general goal of the game is to build up resources to enable your chosen race to amass an army to wipe out the opposing group. Each race has different strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Protoss forces are generally strong but it takes a long time to build a unit. The Zergs are the opposite; it takes a short time to amass a huge army but they generally have low health. The Terrans provide a nice middle ground between the two.

The quote comes from when you control the Protoss and you attempt to construct additional units or buildings without having the required number of “pylons,” which the Protoss need to power up their buildings and units.

Geek wisdom: There are going to be times when you think you have enough of something. Whether it be money or security or anything, you may suddenly realize that you lack it when an emergency arises. It’s always a good idea to “play it safe” and have a little extra just in case disaster strikes.

“Go home and be a family man!”

From: Street Fighter II

Genre: Video games

Who said it?: Guile

The story behind the quote: This week’s quote comes from Street Fighter II. While the series has always revolved around karate practitioners Ryu and Ken, Street Fighter has amassed a huge cast of characters. One of the more popular characters is Guile. The quote doesn’t actually come from the arcade/original version of the game. Rather, the only time Guile gives this particular victory quote is in the console versions (SNES and Genesis).

Here’s a little piece of trivia: The win quote is actually a mistranslation of a much longer quote. In the original Japanese, Guile advises his defeated opponent to “Go back home. You need to take care of your family.” However, the translation became the quote as we know it today.

Geek wisdom: Being a father and/or a mother is more than just siring a child. You also have to take care of your offspring. But a lot of people think this is just providing for them. If you give them money or support them, that should be enough. But it’s not.

You have to be there to nurture your children. Be there to take care of them and make sure they grow up the right way.

“Winners don’t use drugs”

From: Classic Arcade Games

Genre: Video Games, Internet

Who said it?: William S. Sessions

The story behind the quote: This is a pretty weird entry as this didn’t come from any particular game. Rather, the quote was shown in practically every arcade game released in the United States from the late 80’s until the end of the 90’s. The slogan was the brainchild of William S. Session, then the Director of the FBI.

The quote was posted prominently in a lot of arcade games’ “attract mode” (the “preview” of the game, if you will). The FBI logo and the quote (with Session’s name at the bottom most of the time) would be plastered before the game shows off a demo.


Geek wisdom: Life can be hard and sometimes we feel a great need to escape from the trouble life gives us. However, using drugs is not the answer. Drugs may be a temporary escape but that’s all it is: temporary. It’s not a solution. The only way to resolve a problem is to take it head on.

“My body is ready!”

From: Youtube (More specifically, the 2007 Nintendo E3 Press Conference)

Genre: Video Games, Internet

Who said it?: Reggie Fils-Aime

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from, of all things, the 2007 Nintendo E3 Press Conference. During the reveal of the Balance Board for the Wii Fit, Reggie Fils-Aime was called out on stage to demonstrate how the accessory works alongside Shigeru Miyamoto. As Reggie stepped on the Balance Board, he awkwardly delivered the quote.

The quote has since become an Internet meme of sorts.

Geek wisdom: In this day of age, it’s extremely easy to have a sedentary lifestyle. From the prevalence of fastfood and easy to prepare snacks to the ability to order things online and have machines do the heavy lifting for us, a lot of us have fallen into the trap of laziness. However, when we least expect it, we may need to actually do some manual labor. But we may not be able to because we have become of this unhealthy lifestyle.

Take some time to exercise once in a while.

“Rise from your grave.”

From: Altered Beast

Genre: Video Games

Who said it?: Zeus

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from the “classic” sidescrolling beat ’em up, Altered Beast. The original game was actually an arcade game but Altered Beast only reached prominence when the Sega ported the game over to their 16-bit Genesis console. The game’s plot has Zeus resurrecting two Roman centurions and charge them with rescuing Athena from the Underworld. The game’s main gimmick is the characters transforming into different beasts like werewolves, dragons and tigers.

The quote actually comes from the 16-bit port of the game. When the game starts, Zeus commands the player to… well, you know.

Geek wisdom: We are not immortal and we all have to pass away from this world some time. However, we can still become “immortal” in a sense if we manage to leave a legacy before our time in the world ends.

Don’t let your time in this world be a waste. Make yourself be remembered.

“I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee.”

From: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Genre: Video Games

Who said it?: Lots of NPC guards in the world

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The game is a massive game that has many people to talk to and many places to explore. However, the game’s most memorable quote doesn’t come from any of the main characters. Rather, it comes from the lowly town guards you see throughout the your time in Skyrim.

The guards have a lot of stock dialog but the most popular one is regarding their past before they became guards…

Geek wisdom: As we grow older, it becomes harder to do the same rigorous activities we used to be able to do in our youth. We also tend to outgrow all of the ridiculous and dangerous activities we did in our younger days. But that doesn’t mean that these days should be forgotten. These are important parts of our life and actually help form you into the person you are now.

There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing about the past. It’s only a problem if we get stuck in the past.

“Look to La Luna”

From: Mortal Kombat

Genre: Video Games

Who said it?: Reptile

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from the first Mortal Kombat. The arcade fighting game stood out from the rest of the other Street Fighter clones as it used digitized actors instead of sprites. Oh, and you could murder your opponent if you beat him!

The game was also popular for having hidden secrets and one of those secrets was a computer controlled character named Reptile. It took a long time to figure out how to fight him but the green ninja would drop down and drop hints on how to do so. One of these quotes just so happens to be the quote mentioned:

Geek wisdom: Just a few decades ago, people had dreams to go to the moon. And we actually did. However, something happened between then and now. We stopped going to the moon and, in a way, we also stopped dreaming. In these modern times, we tend to look at the ground or look at what’s in front of us. We never really look up in the sky and wonder anymore. We tend to create short term goals and we don’t think of any long-term goals these days.

Once in a while, take a moment, go outside and look at the moon. And wonder and dream of endless possibilities.