“Mankind knew they cannot change society. So instead of reflecting on themselves, they blamed the Beasts.”

From: Guilty Gear Strive

Genre: Video Games

Who said it?: Announcer before every match… and Daisuke Ishiwatari who sang “Smell of the Game”

The story behind the quote: This week’s quote comes from the latest entry of Arc System Work’s long-running fighting game franchise, Guilty Gear Strive. Guilty Gear is known for its very frantic action, hard rock/metal soundtrack and anime styled aesthetic. Created by Daisuke Ishiwatari, the man also composes most of the songs of the games.

The quote actually comes up a couple of times in Guilty Gear Strive. It was first revealed during the interlude portion of Strive’s main theme song, Smell of the Game.

The other time the quote is mentioned is during the fight intros before each match. As the fighters enter the area, the announcer delivers the quote each and every time, provided you don’t choose to skip it.

Geek wisdom: For some people, it can be so much easier to not see our own faults but rather put the blame of our imperfections on others. What they don’t realize is that they lose the chance to actually improve themselves. Focus on your weaknesses and try to find ways to better yourself rather than trying to fault others for your limits.

“What are you standing up for?”

From: Street Fighter and Guilty Gear… somewhat

Genre: Video Games

Who said it?: Ricki Ortiz and various announcers/commentators

The story behind the quote: While this quote doesn’t come directly from a video game per se, it is video game adjacent and actually is very important.

The quote actually has two origins in a sense. The first time the quote was uttered was during a Street Fighter IV match between Ricki Ortiz and Wolfkrone. Wolfkrone’s C. Viper managed to perform a clutch Ultra combo on Ricki Ortiz’s Rufus. Wolfkrone thought he won and stood up to raise his hands in victory. However, he was wrong and Ricki managed to come back to steal the victory. In a fit of hype, Ricki exclaimed the quote and UltraDavid, one of the commentators for the match mirrored Ricki’s statement. This was the actual birth of the quote.

However, the quote only really gained notoriety during EVO 2015’s winners semi-finals for Guilty Gear Xrd. In a do-or-die situation, Woshige managed to win the second round against Ogawa to stay alive in the tournament. However, he apparently forgot he needed to win two rounds because Woshige prematurely left his controller to celebrate. This didn’t matter to Ogawa as he immediately pummeled his opponent’s helpless character to move on in the tournament, all the while the commentators echoed Ricki and UltraDavid’s words…

Geek wisdom: Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Sometimes you can prematurely celebrate “a sure thing” but there are going to be times when these “sure things” actually don’t push through. It’s better to actually celebrate after achieving your goals rather than do it before it actually happens.