“They’re boxy but they’re good!”

From: Crazy People

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Stephen Bachman

The story behind the quote: This week’s quote comes from the little known film, Crazy People. Emory Leeson (played by Dudley Moore) is an advertising executive. One day, he has a nervous breakdown and decides to create “truthful” commercials and advertisements. Some of these new ads are a little too straight to the point and this results in Emory getting checked into a mental hospital. However, these new “honest” advertisements are accidentally released to the public and are actually well received! This leads to Emory, along with the rest of the patients, to create more candid commercials.

The quote comes early in the film. After Emory and his colleague, Stephen Bachman (played by Paul Reiser), are chewed out by their boss. Backman looks over the ads that Emory pitched…

Geek wisdom: Frequently, we love to go for style over substance. We will sometimes go for the more “sexy” product because it looks sleek and stylish. We then wish we got the more practical alternative; the one with more features and less prone to breakage.

Let’s focus on functionality rather than form. Because, in the long run, that’s what really matters.