“Who the fuck starts a conversation like that? I just sat down!”

From: Family Guy

Genre: Television, Cartoons

Who said it?: Peter Griffin

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from the extremely popular cartoon Family Guy. Fun fact: the show was initially cancelled after three seasons due to poor ratings. However, after the show started being aired on Cartoon Network and DVD sales went through the roof, Fox quickly pushed through with a new season… four years after it was initially cancelled.

The quote comes from the episode Tea Peter, the 21th episode of the 10th season. After his business is closed down for not having a business permit, Peter Griffin (voiced by show creator Seth Macfarlane) visits his regular bar to meet his friend, Glenn Quagmire (also voiced by Seth Macfarlane). Quagmire then asks Peter about if he accidentally gets aroused by younger pictures of his mother. This is when Peter delivers the quote in question.

Geek wisdom: While there is something to be said about getting straight to the point, there are always going to be topics you should ease into or just not talk about altogether.