“E. T. phone home.”

From: E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial 

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: E. T., Elliot and Gertie

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from the classic Steven Spielberg film, Steven Spielberg. The movie is all about an alien who gets left on Earth and is found by a group of kids. The kids attempt to find a way for the alien, who calls himself E. T., to send a message to his home planet in order to rescue him.

The quote comes fairly early in the film. Gertie (played by a very young Drew Barrymore) manages to teach E. T. a few rudimentary words. After returning home, Elliot (played by Henry Thomas) discovers E. T. can talk and starts trying to communicate with him as well. E. T. manages to string together the words he’s learned from Gertie to deliver the quote and to convey what he needs to do.

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