What is My Geek Wisdom?

My Geek Wisdom was created because of all of the memorable quotes of media. Movies, TV shows, cartoons, comics and video games all have these quotes and it is the goal of this site to put them to good use!

It is the goal of this site that, each week, My Geek Wisdom posts a popular quote and try to squeeze out some form of life lesson that we can use in everyday life.

If you have any suggestions for quotes that can be used for the site, please visit the Submission page for details on how to send in your ideas for quotes!

Anyway, thanks for all the support and I hope you enjoy reading the stuff here as much as I enjoy cranking them out!


4 thoughts on “What is My Geek Wisdom?”

  1. Hello, this is Blanche Lee from Mingpao Daily News in Hong Kong. We would like to ask the permission to reproduce the peanuts comics “HAPPINESS IS A WARM PUPPY” in our coming supplement of our newspapers. I am looking forward to hear from your reply soon. Thanks!

    1. Sorry. But I don’t own the strip. Technically, I’m using the DMCA rule, which makes it a transformative piece of work as I’m adding something to the content. You would have to contact the owners of the strip if you want to reproduce the classic Peanuts strip.

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