Geek Wisdom is coming back home!

Hello everyone.

Well, my stint for writing for Unreality has come to a close. While I am disappointed that I will not be writing for them anymore, I do understand that it was a great opportunity and I loved the fact that I was given the chance to do so.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop putting out Geek Wisdom. Rather, I’ll be returning here and start posting here again!

Thanks to Paul Tassi for giving me the chance to do some work for them and I do hope that, if anyone is reading this, you’ll also visit their site as well.


Quick update regarding the future of Geek Wisdom

Hello everyone!

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who’ve been reading my musing on Geek Wisdom. I do appreciate all of the Likes and comments that I have received since I have started writing this personal project of mine. While I’ve never really posted anything here other than those nuggets of knowledge, I have something important to write about regarding the future of this site.

Unreality will be making Geek Wisdom a regular weekly feature on their site! Unfortunately, this also means that I will not be able to actually post the full Geek Wisdom article on this site anymore. As a compromise, I will be posting a quick teaser here and the direct link to the weekly Geek Wisdom post on Unreality.

I hope that all of you visit Unreality as well and read the other articles since they are pretty good overall.

Thanks again to all of the people that have been reading! I really, really, really appreciate it!


Victor “Fiefo!” de la Cruz

PS: I guess I’ll take this opportunity as well to ask for some assistance in the future. If you have any particular quotes you would like to contribute and see if it can be made into Geek Wisdom, please write it in the comments.