“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

From: Kung-Fu Panda

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Master Oogway

The story behind the quote: This week’s quote was suggested by our good friend, DJ Miller. He has contributed several quotes from Regular ShowAvatar: The Last AirbenderKing of the HillForrest Gump and Arthur. The quote comes from the animated film, Kung-Fu Panda. Kung-Fu Panda is the story of Po, a large and clumsy panda who dreams of being a great martial artist. He is announced as the next Dragon Warrior, much to the chagrin of the great master Shifu and the Furious Five. Throughout his training, it seems like there has been a mistake as Po’s clumsy and lazy attitude makes him virtually untrainable. 

The quote comes from middle of the film as Po starts his training with Master Shifu and the Furious Five. Po does not do well with the training and decides to take refuge away from the temple. Po (voiced by Jack Black) meets up with Master Oogway and he tells him about how much he sucked at training and the others hate him. He thinks about quitting as he does not seem to have the mettle to be the legendary Dragon Warrior. Master Oogway tells him he’s too concerned about the past and the future then delivers the quote.

Geek wisdom: We all have a bad day from time to time. But we shouldn’t worry about what happens next. We should focus on the present situation instead of worrying about the failures of the past or future and concentrate on the now.