“Six seasons and a movie!”

From: Community

Genre: Television

Who said it?: Abed Nadir

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from the NBC sitcom Community. The idea behind the series is that Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale) get caught practicing being a lawyer without having a proper law degree. In desperation, he decides to enroll in the Glendale Community College to get a college degree quickly.

Unfortunately, the school is filled with crazy people who don’t appear to be there to actually study. However, Joel actually manages to make true friends in the school, something he didn’t expect.

The quote is delivered by pop culture freak Abed Nadir. His favorite show was The Cape, an extremely short lived (and real) television show about a man who finds a cape that gives him superpowers. While pretending to be the superhero, he knocks over Joel’s lunch. Joel McHale angrily yells at Abed that the show will be cancelled early. Abed disagrees with him.

Geek wisdom: It’s nice to set goals. Even if they seem impossible, it’s important that, when you have a dream, you go after it. The great thing about setting goals is that it gives a person direction in life.

In Community, Abed Nadir is a dreamer. Hence, he and his friend, Troy Barnes, usually imagine things that are pretty difficult to implement in real life. In the show, however, they manage to do a lot of these impossible things, like building a pillow/blanket fort that covered the entire campus… in two separate instances.

Things may seem impossible. But they are only impossible if you don’t attempt to do them.