“That’s not a knife… that’s a knife!”

From: Crocodile Dundee

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Crocodile Dundee

The story behind the quote: This movie comes from the 80’s film, Crocodile Dundee, starring Paul Hogan. The story  is that Sue Charlton (played by Linda Kozlowski), an article writer for a New York paper, is sent to Australia to investigate the story of “Crocodile” Dundee, a man who supposedly had his leg bitten off by a crocodile. However, it turns out that the story was exaggerated since Dundee didn’t lost his leg (but he does have a scar to remember the encounter). In order to continue the report, Sue convinces Dundee to return with her to New York.

The movie was a surprise hit, not just in the United States and Australia, but around the world. One of the things that made the movie a huge success was Dundee’s general good nature (which is the opposite of the cynical behavior of the people in New York) and how he handles situations differently. One of the most memorable moments of the film (and where this week quote comes from) is when Dundee and Sue encounter a mugger with a “knife.”

Geek wisdom: It can be easy to lose perspective of what we have. Like in the clip, the mugger thinks that he can easily intimidate people because he has a switchblade. Unfortunately, for him, Crocodile Dundee sees it as a puny weapon and shows him something bigger… and definitely scarier.

Keep things in perspective.