“I eat pieces of s#!t like you for breakfast!”

From: Happy Gilmore

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Shooter McGavin

The story behind the quote: I’ve already posted something about Happy Gilmore before so I won’t go into much detail about the plot of the film. Basically, Happy Gilmore is a former hockey player who becomes a golfer in order to earn enough money to get his grandmother’s house back. Still, like most movies, there is still a central antagonist. And that person is Shooter McGavin (played by Christopher McDonald). He hates Happy (played by Adam Sandler) because the former hockey player doesn’t take the game of golf seriously.

The quote comes quite late into the movie. Shooter wins the auction for Happy’s home. In order to get his house back, Happy makes a bet with Shooter. If Happy ranks higher than Shooter, he gets his house back. If Shooter beats him, Happy will need to quit golf. After they agree to the terms, Shooter turns to his rival and delivers the quote. Happy laughs at what he said, especially regarding his apparent meal choices.

Geek wisdom: Always be careful of what you say to people. Even if they are meant to be jokes, people can misunderstand your actual intentions. Shooter just wanted to emphasize that he’ll be able to beat Happy easily. But, because of his choice of words, Happy made it sound like he eats crap every morning… literally!

So, when delivering a message, try to be as clear and detailed as possible. You never know how these things can be misinterpreted.