“Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.”

From: Marvel’s Avengers

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Nick Fury

The story behind the quote: This quote comes from the first Avengers movie. It was the culmination of separate superhero films made my Marvel and put together their best superheroes, who each had their own standalone films, in a live-action movie.

The quote comes at the start of the film. Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) in confronted by Maria Hill (played by Cobie Smulders). She asks the leader of SHIELD if they really should be concerned about getting prototype weapons out of the base when they do need to evacuate the area. This is when Nick Fury delivers the quote.

Geek wisdom: Even when things look hopeless, that should not mean we give up. We have to trudge on even if it looks like the odds are against us. Because there’s always going to be a chance our efforts might not be in vain.


“They call it a Royale with cheese.”

From: Pulp Fiction

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Vincent Vega

The story behind the quote: Pulp Fiction is a crime noir film from Quentin Tarentino. The movie is about a series of stories strung together and connected in various ways. This is considered to be Mr. Tarentino’s breakout film as well as credited for resurrecting John Travolta’s acting career as he was nominated for Best Actor for his role as Vincent Vega.

The quote comes fairly early in the film. Vincent Vega and his partner Jules Winnfield are going to retrieve a briefcase from an “associate” of theirs. On the way there, Vincent describes his recent trip from Europe to Jules and the little differences he noticed. Such as the famous Quarter Pounder of McDonald’s not being called a Quarter Pounder over there because of their unfamiliarity with the metric system…

Geek wisdom: Like Vincent Vega said, every country and every culture has these little differences. We may even find these differences funny and silly. However, these little differences can cause misunderstandings and even petty squabbles. It’s understanding that there are always going to be people that are different from how you think and how to react to things.

These differences can be difficult to bridge because they can be so divergent from our own way to doing things. But we have to keep an open mind. You may learn something new and, maybe, even something great if you are more tolerant to these differences.