“This one time… at band camp…”

From: American Pie

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Michelle Flaherty

The story behind the quote: The quote comes the first American Pie film. American Pie is the story of a group of friends who make a pledge to lose their virginity before they graduate from high school. Jim Levenstein (played by Jason Biggs), the most awkward of the quartet, appears to have a “sure thing” with Nadia, a extremely hot foreign exchange student, but squanders his chance because of an accident. Because of this, he tries his luck with the homely band geek, Michelle Flaherty (played by Alyson Hannigan).

The quote comes from Michelle and is actually her catchphrase of sorts. She usually recounts her memories of her time at band camp by starting with this popular phrase…

Of course, there was the surprise NSFW conclusion to the entire “band camp” story…

Geek wisdom: Live things to the fullest, especially when you’re young. It’s always fun to make great memories while you’re in the prime of your youth. While they may not seem to be anything special to everyone else or they may not get why it’s such a “big thing” for you, that shouldn’t really matter. What is important, however, is that the memory you make is memorable to you.