“You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle.”

From: Bruce Almighty

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: God

The story behind the quote: This week’s quote comes from God. Well, actually it comes from Morgan Freeman, who plays God in the 2003 comedy Bruce Almighty. The film also stars Jim Carrey, who play Bruce Nolan, a down on his luck reporter who is given God’s omnipotent power to see if he can do any better.

The quote comes near the end of the film as both of them clean up the mess that Bruce did during his “tenure” as God by giving everything they prayed for. God then give Bruce a tip on what a real miracle is all about…

Geek wisdom: We all want to achieve our wants and desires. That’s not the problem. The issue is that a lot of us don’t want to put in the time and effort to actually achieve them. We like to complain and gripe about how our live has turned out and we weren’t given the right opportunities. But sometimes, lady luck isn’t on our side. This is when we have to make our own luck. Our own opportunities and our own miracles. We just have to work for it.

“Blast this Christmas music! It’s joyful and triumphant.”

From: The Grinch

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: The Grinch

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from the live action version of The Grinch, which is based on the Dr. Seuss book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” As they had to fill in the extra time needed for a full theatrical release, the live action movie added more scenes and story arcs, such as the Grinch’s origins and how he came to hate Christmas.

The quote comes during the scene where The Grinch (played by Jim Carrey) is fast asleep. However, the citizens of Whoville (who love Christmas) are playing Christmas carols. The Grinch starts to sing in his sleep and he awakes in fear as he realizes what he’s doing. This is when the Grinch utters the quote.

Geek wisdom: Once in a while you will get the Holiday doldrums. When you don’t really feel like celebrating the season to be jolly. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that. However, just because you’re not in the spirit, that doesn’t give you the right to try to stop others from enjoying themselves.

“Homey don’t play that!”

From: In Living Color

Genre: Television

Who said it?: Homey D. Clown

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from In Living Color. The show is a sketch comedy series and is the brainchild of Keenan Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans. The show actually became the launching pad for a lot of big stars before they became big. Big name stars such as Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lopez were relative unknowns while they were on it but managed to become extremely successful soon after.

The quote is the catchphrase of one of the show’s more popular characters, Homey D. Clown (played by Damon Wayans). Homey is a clown but not by choice; he has to portray the character as part his work release program. He also is unlike any clown as he refuses to make a fool of himself. When someone asks him to perform a gag on himself, he usually responds with the quote.

Geek wisdom: Just because people tell you to do something, that doesn’t mean you have to do it. If you feel that something is something you don’t want to do, you don’t have to do it. They may tell you it’s the “in’ thing to do or it’s what all of the cool people are doing. None of that matters. If you feel uncomfortable with it, you can decline whatever it is.

It can be difficult to say no, especially if you’re friends are pressuring you to do it. But, if they are your friends, they would understand.

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance!”

From: Dumb and Dumber

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Lloyd Christmas

The story behind the quote: Dumb and Dumber is a film from the mid-90’s that tells the story of two best friends, Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. Lloyd (Jim Carrey) works as a limo driver who was hired to drive Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly) to the airport and immediately falls in love with her. Seeing Mary leave a suitcase at the airport terminal, he picks it up with the plan of returning it to her, not knowing that it was left there intentionally as it contains the ransom money for her kidnapped husband. Lloyd travels with Harry (Jeff Daniels) travel to Aspen to return the briefcase to Mary… and hopefully the two of them will fall in love.

The quote comes from when Harry confronts Mary about his feeling for her and asks her if they have a future together. Mary tells Harry frankly that the odds are not good… which makes Lloyd pretty happy.

Geek wisdom: Looking at only the bad side of life can really be taxing on a person. Sometimes, it’s great to look at the good side of life. Your life is not so bad that there was nothing that good that came from it. There will always be something nice that has happened to you.

Life is not just misery. There is always a chance that life can give you good luck… even if the odds are one in a million.

“The pen is blue! The goddamn pen is blue!”

From: Liar Liar

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Fletcher Reede

The story behind the quote: Jim Carrey plays Fletcher Reed, a really good lawyer and a much better liar. Although he loves his son, Max, Fletcher is too concentrated on his career to really spend any time with him. It is this focus on climbing the corporate ladder which causes his to miss Max’s birthday so that he can get on the “good side” of his boss. Disappointed that his father didn’t come to his birthday (even though Fletcher did promise him), Max wishes that Fletcher cannot lie… which comes true.

The quote comes from the scene where Fletcher realizes that he is unable to lie. He rushes into his office and believes he  just needs to “practice” with something small, like saying that the blue pen he is holding is red. As the clip below shows, he is very unsuccessful in doing this.

Geek wisdom: It has become so easy in society to lie. It’s actually become so casual and common, we already expect people to lie to us and then try to determine what is the actual truth. Sometimes, we do lie to spare someone’s feelings or get out of trouble. But, ultimately, a lie is a lie and it can catch up to us.

It may be painful but there are going to be times when we need to tell the truth, even if it will hurt others. However, unless we can stop telling lies about the smaller things in life, we will never be ready to tell the truth about the bigger things. Besides, some people do appreciate the honesty.