“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

From: Arrested Development

Genre: Television

Who said it?: Most of the Bluth Family Members but mostly “Gob”

The story behind the quote: Arrested Development is a sitcom that focuses around the Bluths, a family of rather deviant people. While the sitcom was acclaimed by critics and did get a huge cult following, the show was ultimately cancelled after only three seasons. The show’s fanbase did prove large enough to warrant Netflix to develop a fourth season roughly seven years after the show’s cancellation. The show is known for a lot of Easter Eggs as well as recurring gags like this week’s quote.

The quote is actually exclaimed by the majority of the Bluth family, however, it’s Gob Bluth that says it the most often. It’s usually uttered after one of the characters does something he/she thinks is the right thing to do only to realize a few moments later that it was actually a bonehead move.

Geek wisdom: Everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay to make them most of the time. Mistakes are actually one of the best tools we have to learn new things. However, it’s a huge mistake to keep on making the same errors over and over again, repeating them ad nauseam.

“Dead dove. Do not eat.”

From: Arrested Development

Genre: Television

Who said wrote it?: Gob Bluth

The story behind the quote: Arrested Development is a critically acclaimed sitcom. The show features the Bluths, a family of crazy characters. However, it is this craziness that made this show get a cult following. Arrested Development was initially cancelled at the end of their 3rd season. However, because of the show’s cult following, as well as gaining popularity after the series ended, a 4th season was developed by Netflix… 6 years after season 3 ended!

The quote comes from the second episode of the first season. Gob, the eldest of the Bluth siblings and failed magician, buys a dove but accidentally kills it as he is exiting the store. He, however, hopes to return the dead bird to the store so he stores it in a brown bag, puts a note on it,  in the refrigerator. Michael Bluth, the “responsible” brother, reads the note but is still astonished with its contents.

Geek wisdom: We can sometimes not trust a lot of things until we see it in front of us. Even when the evidence overwhelmingly supports something, we just have to see it for ourselves to believe it. And then when we actually do experience it, we think to ourselves that it was stupid to think otherwise.

We all have these moments once in a while. The important thing to do is to realize is that there are going to be times that we have to believe something, not because we have seen it, but because logic tells us it’s true.