“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

From: Star Wars

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: No One (Opening Sequence for all Star Wars films)

The story behind the quote: I don’t think I need to give a synopsis for the Star Wars films. The franchise is heavily ingrained in pop culture history. Its story, characters and even its fictional history is widely known throughout the world and by different ages. But most people don’t consider that the films happen, not only in a totally different galaxy, but way back in the past.

The films actually attempt to remind the viewer of this fact every movie. At the start of each Star Wars films (even before the opening crawl), they would note that the story you are about to watch already happened in a far away place in the stars…

Geek wisdom: History is very important. You may not know it but it has shaped you in ways you may never be aware of. The actions of people way, way in the past have affected the world in different ways, reaching out from time and influences you in some, unforeseen manner. And, in turn, your actions, no matter how small they may be, will have some impact on the world in the future.